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No one likes to talk about the costs associated with the provision of a service but everyone has to face the fact that eventually they have to be assessed and paid. At NMR Accounting CC we, as a matter of principle do not apply fixed fees to our clients. Though some are in favour of being able to quote an exact figure in advance this is inevitably inflated to cover for times when things do not go according to plan. NMR Accounting CC however believes only in invoicing for work that is actually done on a time spent basis, We believe this is the most fairest way to invoice clients rewarding those who keep their affairs in good order and not penalising those for which the time taken to provide the service is minimal.

Naturally third party disbursements are invoiced on at cost in addition to the service invoice, but nothing else.

NMR Accounting CC believes that if it treats clients fairly they will have no problem in recommending our services to others

Please feel free to Connect With Us to find out how NMR Accounting CC may assist you in this area.