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Company Taxation |

Company Taxation

Company Taxation

Many small business set themselves up without any real understanding of the tax requirements laid down by SARS. Consequently it can be quite a shock when the business owner is made fully aware of direct and provisional taxation not to mention all the requirements for EMP201 and EMP501 filing as soon as salaries begin to be paid. As mentioned on our Business Start Up and Formation page we at NMR Accounting CC will seek to talk you through all these considerations as well as seek to provide timely reminders and assistance when completing the many different returns.

In addition to completing all your returns on time we are also able to obtain tax clearance certificates when needed and all requirements are satisfied

We at NMR Accounting CC seek to take the hassle away from those setting up the business and running operations in the early years by doing all this for you. With many years of company taxation experience behind us and appropriate recognition from SARS, NMR Accounting CC is able to deal with all your taxation needs,

Please feel free to Connect With Us to find out how NMR Accounting CC may assist you.

For your reference below is a table of the records that should be kept by a company  for direct tax purposes and for how long.